Traditional training is often segmented by each business line and product focused.

One-dimensional and outdated

Training assets that consist mostly of fact sheets may not appeal to the learning styles of many bank team members. Also, they may not be updated frequently enough to reflect the most recent banking trends, updated product features, and the most recent challenges facing clients.

Key advantages

Access training assets to meet the needs of different learning styles. Identifee creates and maintains training assets that are backed by behavioral science to help promote impactful learning.

Video-first learning

Access on-demand, short-videos through multiple devices that explain important concepts and the impact to clients.

Digital skill cards

Digital skill cards focus on three principle elements: what the concept is, what it does, and what it means. Dividing the lessons into these three simple categories makes the information easier to understand and retain.

Create custom learning paths

Banks can create their own learning paths with two simple categories:


Individual lessons that cover distinct topics backed by proven behavioral science principles to ensure maximum retention.


Group of micro-lessons that combine all the topics under one learning objective.

Increase engagement with gamification

Gamification enhances and maintains team member engagement in learning. Our platform includes custom badges and peer ranking based on lessons completed and points earned.