An Investment in Your Team Is an Investment in Your Clients

With work from home (WFH) more prevalent than ever before, the lines between personal and business are becoming even less defined.

There are certain things that users expect in their everyday lives. If I want to buy some new sneakers, I could easily:

  • Go on Amazon
  • Search sneakers
  • Read reviews
  • Make a purchase

All within seconds! On the business side, not so much. Let's review the process to get ready for a customer meeting.

  • Pull data from multiple systems, typically 5-6.
  • Analyze data in an Excel pivot table
  • Find peer benchmark data (relevant insight) online
  • Create client facing report

All in, it's taking Bankers 5+ hours just to get ready for a customer meeting.

When comparing this process to the Amazon example outlined above, the difference couldn't be bigger. One is automated, and takes a matter of seconds. The other, is clunky, and takes over 5 hours to perform.

Banks need to remember that the "Banker experience" interacting with internal tools and systems is equally important to that of the customer. When your team is happy and empowered, they will in turn provide better service to your customers.