A single connected platform

Identifee performs the tasks of multiple solutions in a single, unified platform and connects financial services organizations to benchmark data, payment associations, and thousands of 3rd party apps.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence is the use of data and insights to help businesses succeed financially. It is critical to making decisions within an organization. Our Business Intelligence platform gathers data from multiple systems to generate working capital improvement insights in a single and simplified full portfolio view.

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Your leadership team relies on accurate sales forecasts when making critical decisions. The Identifee CRM automatically tracks client interactions and applies it to the correct account. It provides visualized data and actionable insights, so the entire team can have robust, meaningful conversations with clients and prospects.

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The training platform provides dynamic training in the form of short videos, custom learning paths, and timely, relevant case studies. It combines behavioral science, portfolio linked lessons, and gamification that is accessible with multiple devices to maximize talent potential. This approach eliminates confusion and creates more cohesive messaging to increase revenue.

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Payment technology

Helping commercial clients benefit from having more choices to realize working capital improvements while banks gain real-time data visibility without underwriting the transaction risk.

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